Our dining hall with dedicated on-site chefs offers you the option to have your event fully catered with breakfast, lunch and dinner available if desired. We can offer a variety of cuisines to cater to your tastes. Hot meals can be provided in the dining hall, alternatively a packed lunch or buffet can be offered in rooms across the campus.
Our lounge has a host of entertainment for relaxation after hours or between meetings. You’ll find a large selection of games consoles, DVDs and music in the common room.  Upstairs there are pool tables and table tennis available. We also offer a wide range of outdoor sporting equipment including football, basketball and volleyball. Chaucer has everything you need to blow off steam and unwind with your team at the end of the day.
Chaucer has a dedicated security team on site 24 hours a day to keep the campus secure at all times. All visitors must sign in with reception, this ensures a quiet, safe and comfortable environment throughout your time here.
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